Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yum yum

Chicken Leek and pea Risotto

Serves 2

* 1 Garlic clove
* 1 Onion peeled and finely chopped
* 1 Leek finely chopped
* 150g of Risotto rice
* Half a Chilli (optional for a little kick )
* 1/2 cup of frozen Peas
* 400ml of hot Chicken stock
* 1 breast of Cooked and chopped Chicken
* A knob of Butter
* A handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese plus an extra sprinkling for serving ( I love loads)

1. Start by chopping up the Onions and Garlic throw in a pan with some Olive oil cook until softened but not browned.
2. Add the Risotto rice to the pan stir well and cook for 1 minute.
3. Then begin to add the stock a little at a time, stirring and allowing the grains to absorb the liquid while stirring gently. Repeat this with every pour of stock, always make sure it has absorbed before adding more. ( simmering heat not too high)
4.When you have added about 2/3 of the stock then throw in the previously cooked Chicken, Peas and Leek add the remaining stock continue stirring until the rice is soft but with a slight bite.
5. Throw in a knob of butter and some Parmesan cheese, give it a stir.
6. Give yourself a nice big helping in a bowl
7. Grind in some Salt and Pepper to taste and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

Takes about 30 minutes to make, it is really easy but you need to babysit it, you can't just leave it to simmer it needs constant stirring and pouring love.

A bit of Garlic bread on the side is a must.

This is how I make this recipe I understand everyone has different ways but this works best and is easiest for moi, I hope I have explained it well enough.

This is one of my fav dishes at the mo. I don't know about you guys but the Hubbie and I get stuck in a food rut and get bored of making the same things. We seem to rotate Chicken stew, Chilli con carne, Spaghetti bolognese , Lasagne , Chicken risotto, Tuna steak with a homemade tomato salsa and rice, a home made curry/Chinese, stir fry among a few other dishes but we are kinda bored of them all. With us chillaxing in Jan/Feb we will be eating in much more so if you have any of your fav dishes you would like to share I am all ears.


  1. looks yummy :P I'll try this !

  2. You know what - I've genuinely been wondering how risotto is made - I want to give this a go! More recipes, yum!! x

  3. This looks lovely. I might have to try this. My fave to make is chicken and bacon carbonara.

  4. oh lord that looks so damn yummy

  5. Yums, this looks delish, the perfect accompaniment to a night in with pjs! x

  6. oooo yum! looks really really yummy, now following!
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  7. love the hat!! looks good on you :)

    love, may