Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday snappie snippets

*Sushi snacking
*Skulls are cracking
*How my toast came this morning
*Bargain scoring
*Mexican munching
*Stud and go
*Batiste half price, pile em high in the basket- head gasket
*Lily cat chilling

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Gruffalo

 Hello hello thank you my beautiful and best cyber friends for all your lovely comments. I am feeling much better now yipee. The straw that broke the Camels back.... this fur coat is the reason my shopping ban was broken. I went into my local H+M and this beauty was all alone on a random rail. It was £15 bargainus maximus. I really love it, My Hubbie said I look like the Gruffalo I don't mind I am actually in love with it. I have been rocking my Converse recently. I pimped them up a little with some left over studs. Not life changing I know but I only had a handful left and had the urge to stud one more thing.

Fur coat- H+M
Jeans- Topshop
Hat- Next
Bag- Wilbur+Gussie

                       Have a lovely weekend sweetie pies xoxo

Friday, 27 January 2012


Hello lovelies I am sad today as I was supposed to be sunning myself in Miami yesterday but I had to call in sick as I have been feeling not so well. I feel a tad better today deciding to lift the shopping ban helped my recovery ha. Been feeling really dizzy past few days nearly fainted too the other week horrible. Went to the Docs seen a wicked witch who literally shouted at me as I rolled my sleeve up for the blood pressure thingy "you need to take your jumper off", then she snapped at me because I moved my finger while getting blood pressure taken!!! palmed me off with some tablets I have decided not to partake in, I hate putting stuff in me body for sake of especially when the Doc didn't even check my ears or anything. I settled for some Nurofen seems to have helped a bit.

Anyway enough of my yawn life story. Happy Fr Fr Fr Friday... Have a great weekend you lovely lot


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Play with Polyvore


First time Polyvore explorer its totes amaze xx

Topshop top
£16 -                      

£22 -


Flat heels
$120 -

Yves Saint Laurent cuff bangle
£365 -

Elie Saab multi chain necklace
$663 -

ABS Allen Schwartz wrap jewelry
$150 -

Straw fedora hat
$13 -

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Big Red Scarf

Well what can I say.... is this the biggest scarf in history. I have a thing for animal print and Red at the mo I think it goes well together.  Haven't worn this dress for ages last worn here. Nothing much to say today guys, probably a good thing xx

Have a lovely day x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Alreet one and all got back from Ny on Saturday night, had a fab trip and flight. Mr Gordon Ramsey was on our flight on the way home I wasn't serving him but he came to chat to all the crew at the bar. He was very nice, funny and said Fuck a few times. For you guys who don't know I work as Senior cabin crew in Upper class for an airline. Hence why I pop to New York etc for a night here and there not just mental with a fetish for jetlag. When I got to New york and opened my case I found a little friend inside Sergei the Meer cat. I think he will be coming on all my trips now . Miami this week better get him a mankini.

                          It was sooooooo cold in New York woke up to snow brrrrrr.                               
Newark Airport

Monday, 23 January 2012

Flip Reverse

I went along to the Fast Fashion showroom to have a wee spy at the SS12 collection I was kindly given this AMAZING tasselled kimono by Reverse on sale here. I adore the aztec print I think it goes so well with black. It will look fab in Summer too with a white vest and some denim cut offs.

Hope your all well lovely poppets. Thank you as always for your sweet sweet comments they always make my day xoxo

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fast Fashion SS12

I had the pleasure of going to the Fast Fashion showroom to have a wee spy of the SS12 collections. I  had never heard of Fast Fashion online shop before so I didn't know who they stocked or what kind of stuff. I was very impressed by all the new SS12 delights. I fell in lurve with a brand I had not heard of before Jarlo the collection was defo my fav. A beautiful pastel splendor with a hint of vintage.

 I adored the the Reverse collection too the above 3 were my fav items especially the bustier dress with the pleated blue chiffon amazing I will defo be purchasing this when it comes on line.


Above some of the collection that is already available to buy on line. I was lucky enough to take the lovely aztec kimono home with me Thank you lovely girls at Fast Fashion xx
If you haven't checked out their website have a little look now lots of cool stuff to choose from and all reasonably priced. Click click Click .



Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The girl rocks

Taylor Swift in Us Vogue shot by the god..... Testino. One word AMAZING another few words I want my fringe back xoxo

Tune Tuesday

Hello Lovelies this is my fav tune of the week Tune Tuesday. I first heard it last year my Hubster said you gotta listen to this guy. You have probs heard it already but if not I hope you likey like.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dotty over you

Well Jack Frost has come out to play it is now brrrrrrrrr freezing in London. I am not a big fan of blogging outside in Winter, neither is the Hubbie aka the grumpy photographer. Went into the West end today dragged the boy into Toppers, didn't even get a sniff of the sale racks soooooo busy. It's a proper brawl on them rails Crazy. I am not good in the sales I am not forceful enough, not that good at grabbing things off people.  A lot of the chicks in Topshop today should have a certificate for their go go gadget grabber hands!!!! I am loving all the pastel colours. Roll on SS I have my eye on a pair of pink or turquoise super soft Leigh skinny jeans.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend xoxo


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How I wanna roll when the Sun comes out

Fallen head over heals in lurve with the For love and lemons SS2012 Lookbook. Found via the amazing   Purse n boots (Ashley Glorioso stylist extraordinaire) one of my all time fav blogs in the universe.

I love every single outfit, styled to utter perfection, weighed down with jewels. This is how I want to look everyday come Summer hurry Summer hurry.

I ordered this House of Harlow necklace the other day using some money I got for Christmas. So still doesn't count in the shopping ban terms right????

 Much love xoxo