Friday, 27 January 2012


Hello lovelies I am sad today as I was supposed to be sunning myself in Miami yesterday but I had to call in sick as I have been feeling not so well. I feel a tad better today deciding to lift the shopping ban helped my recovery ha. Been feeling really dizzy past few days nearly fainted too the other week horrible. Went to the Docs seen a wicked witch who literally shouted at me as I rolled my sleeve up for the blood pressure thingy "you need to take your jumper off", then she snapped at me because I moved my finger while getting blood pressure taken!!! palmed me off with some tablets I have decided not to partake in, I hate putting stuff in me body for sake of especially when the Doc didn't even check my ears or anything. I settled for some Nurofen seems to have helped a bit.

Anyway enough of my yawn life story. Happy Fr Fr Fr Friday... Have a great weekend you lovely lot



  1. Hope you feel better soon! I love your skirt.
    Claudia xxx

  2. Beautiful skirt babe. Hope you feel 100% soon. x

  3. Aw your cat's so lovely! Hope you're feeling better soon, that sounds horrible! xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon lovely. Nice skirt! x

  5. Babe, I have been feeling exactly the same recently. Like really dizzy and disorientated and sleepy! It's awful. I hope you feel better soon.
    You are so brave going to the docs because I never go in London - I actually hate them!! ALL OF THEM!! I have only ever been pammed off or had bad advice and I just don't see the point in it anymore. Your doc sounds awful!
    Anyway sorry for the rant. Take care of yourself and eat some mini cheddars!
    On the plus side, you have a beauty of a cat and your skirt is really pretty. It's totally something I would see in a shop and think of you! (in an obvs non stalker way) HA!


  6. Stupid Doctors they get paid a fortune to do nothing.Have you tried putting your symptoms into the NHS Direct website i use it sometimes because I hate my Doctor too so funny as I call her the witch doctor I hate it when I have to see her she even rung me on my mobile one day to have a go at me for seeing another Doctor freak or what.

    Anyway love the pics your skirt is stunning and your cat is so cute get better soon hun and I am sad to hear you had to miss out on your trip to Miami xoxo

  7. Hope you feel better soon doll! Love those boots and such a cute kitty!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  8. chuh! what a dullard doc I hate when they don't take you seriously, especially shouting at you as well, like that's going to help when you're feeling down in the dumps, what a bint. Oh dear well I am glad to see you're on the mend now sweetypops I am just catching up on the posts I missed as I've been super busy this week which is why the old comments have been lacking! Great outfit as ever you still look bloody stunning even when poorly you little tinker xxxxxxxxx