Friday, 30 March 2012

Tea for two

Yes afternoon tea again, thats why I have to spend half my life in the gym! It was the Hubbies birthday yesterday and mine is in a week.  So my lovely mother in law treated us to a yummy afternoon tea at the wonderful St Pancras renaissance hotel. It was very delicious but I am still full, will have to work double hard at bootcamp in the morning.

Bought a lovely sequinned skirt from River Island and that is what I had in mind to wear but I wasn't feeling it so last minute I had to change. I have been loving this beautiful weather and I am gutted it's supposed to change any day now, hello what is this about snow????

 I haven't had a chance to reply to all your lovely comments but I will soon I promise, I have my yearly work exams in April, two months earlier then I expected. So I am trying to get my head in the books, proving a difficult task as always. So one may be a bit quiet and posts may be even more sporadic than normal but I will try my best so please don't forget about me.

Have a fantastic weekend one and all lots of love xoxo

Welcome and thank you to my new followers, so good to have you. I am looking forward to checking out your blogs xx


Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This is what I wore the other night to go out for dinner. I bought the leather skirt a while back from Rokit in Brick lane it was a bargainous £17 rude not too.

Bag- A gift
Necklace -H+M
Rings-Camden and Portobello market
Arm band-Asos

Monday, 26 March 2012

How much is that doggy in the window...

What a lovely weekend I had, my lovely Mother in law came to visit us on Sunday. She brought her puppy Martha along, the cutest doggy ever. She is a Cockapoo and is 3 months old and is sooooo cute.

We went to Spitalfields for a little wander and for yummy cakes from Patisserie Valerie I am now very full to my eyeballs.

I never had pets growing up just an odd gold fish here and there, one was from the fair and lived for 10 years may I add. I now have Lily the cat who is amazing and one of my best friends. I heart her to infinity and back. Sometimes I wish she was a dog though so I could take her for walks.

Don't laugh but I did buy a cat lead for her and tried to go walkies (Crazy lady) yes she had none of it. It was only because she is an indoor cat and I feel bad for her being inside, the vet said it's best as so many cats get ran over around our area. Anyway boring and babbling..... mega sugar rush hype from the cake overload. It is unbelievable how much attention one little puppy attracts, I want one and said to B can we have one please????  imagine when you went for a walk you'd get all the hot chicks coming to stroke the dog thought i'd get a yes from that but orh no.. the reply was your the only hot chick I am interested in and No we can not get a dog!  (Sad face and a half).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine as much as I did

Necklace-Dorothy Perkins
Bangle-new from f21
Ring-camden market
Dress-H+M in store now

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cotton fresh

This is what I wore on Saturday. It was the most beautiful day, Pimms o clock to the max. I bought this dress in Tk maxx when I went up north the other week. I am a big fan of a white dress and this hit the spot, only thing is I am a mucky pup so white doesn't stay white for long. I edged it up with my studded boots I also had my leather jacket on until I realised how warm it was outside.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend Much love xoxo

Dress-Tk maxx
Necklace-House of harlow

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dot com

Ebay... I have a love hate relationship going on with the big E. I am one of those who sells some nice things and gets only 20p for them. Then I buy things and pay far too much and the postman delivers me a load of shit through the letter box. This week I got a pair of leather shorts claiming to be my size on the label. I can hardly fasten them (major sad and fat face) thought i'd put mega weight on looked at the label inside different from the main label great stuff. Bought a headband a la Nicole Richie stylie brand new apparently!!! errrh no not new...worn to death. Sorry girls having a rant.... Well anyway won the dress above and thought what crap I am I going to get through the letter box now. Smiles all round though as I am one happy little soon to be Easter Bunny. It ticks all my boxes pleated and spotty total dot com heaven. How do you lovelies get on with Ebay? are you all lucky?

Muchos Mwahs poppet xoxo

Dress-£7 Ebay
Boots-New look
Leather jacket-old
Headband -Primark

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Grey and boots

This is what I wore yesterday, grey to match the day. Today is looking like a different story might have to crack out some pastels. It is a beautiful day the sun is shining on all the mothers in London. Happy mothers day to all. I am officially in love... yes with my boots and so I told my Hubbie every five minutes while wearing them round Westfields yesterday. I have been lusting over the Chloe Susan ones for the last few years they first came out in 2008 Sienna and Kate Bosworth rocked the red ones to the max. They were relaunched at the end of last year with a new name Susanna, at £850 or so a pop I can dream on they were pre order anyway I think and sold out again in record time.
Thanks to Office for their purse friendly version. Well for bringing them back again these boots have also been out before. They have them in Tan too but they have sold out at the mo. Get the black ones here.
Nighthawk £80

Have a gorgeous day lovelies xoxo

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Prints charming


Well hello one and all!! Huge apologises for ones disappearing act, don't worry I am alive.  You won't be seeing my mug shot on any milk cartons phew. Excuses for my total lack of posting mmmmm probs about one hundred squillion of them or shall I sum it up in one word???? LAZY........ How rude. Firstly I wasn't well I had some vile thing called Labrynthitis exactly..... get googling. Its a viral infection in the inner ear makes you feel proper shit, dizzy sick and drunk without the fun. I had it on and off for a month (mega sad face). Excuse numero dos I have spent a lot of time up north going back for family parties, hen dos etc etc.. there has probably been a few newbie items to show you too but I have been excuse numero tres a tad lazy I think. I have totally missed you all, I can't wait to look at all your blogs and comment on how wonderful and stylish you have all been while I have been a terrible blogger.

With been out of the whole outfit post thing I struggled with having my pics taken again hence I hate these pictures but if I don't post today I will stay away forever so here we are.

I bought these trousers from Primark the other week they were £10 amazing I bought a polka dot pair too  rude not to at those prices. I have been a naughty shopping crazy bunny this month and last. Got some major boot love going on, got the fabulous black Studded Nighthawk boots from Office the other week I heart them to the max and refuse to take them off my feet even to go to sleep. I see my lovely cyber friend wee Mo from Ciao Manhattan has them in tan I want them too. You will see mine in tomorrows post.

If your still awake after reading my post yawn ZZzzzzzzzzz I hope you are all well and I will come over and visit you soon.

Thanks for all your lovely comments big Mwahs xxx