Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How I wanna roll when the Sun comes out

Fallen head over heals in lurve with the For love and lemons SS2012 Lookbook. Found via the amazing   Purse n boots (Ashley Glorioso stylist extraordinaire) one of my all time fav blogs in the universe.

I love every single outfit, styled to utter perfection, weighed down with jewels. This is how I want to look everyday come Summer hurry Summer hurry.

I ordered this House of Harlow necklace the other day using some money I got for Christmas. So still doesn't count in the shopping ban terms right????

 Much love xoxo


  1. YES yes yes! Lets do it! I flippin love these! maxi dresses and ankle boots! I die!


  2. defiantly not spending real money if it is christmas money ;) i'm also on abit of a no spending thing in january i wish you luck heh, lovely post making me look forward to wearing flowy backless dresses aaah xx

  3. oh my, i love all these photos and all the clothes, totally amazing and my fave style for the summer. wish i was a little taller as alot of the stuff here would make me look so young! :(

  4. These pictures are so inspirational! Really want the dress in the second photo though! The detailing and sheerness are to die for! x x

  5. Hi darling! nice blog!
    if you want, follow me and I'll follow you back!


  6. oh wow, best lookbook i've seen in a while! i love all the piled up jewellery :) x

  7. such lovely pictures! I've started dressing for the summer already, I've had enough of tights! haha. lovely blog :) x

  8. Happy Friday the 13th!!!!
    Love these styles!!!
    I have that Vanessa Mooney spear pendant- it looks amazing alone or layered with other necklaces...
    Loving the black lace bells!!!! I bought some last summer!!!
    Nicole Ritchie is fabulous!!! I buy lots of her Winter Kate clothing & I love the House Of Harlow sunglasses!!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

  9. wonderful images huni I can soooo see you rocking these looks come summer. Plus that necklace looks amazers xxxxxx

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