Saturday, 30 July 2011

What a peach

Well finally the sun has come out! Perfect timing for tomorrow, the hubster and I are doing a boot sale. I am a bit nervous actually, silly I know. I am just dreading getting out the car initially, as my friend said people just gather round and start grabbing stuff when you haven't even unpacked. I am sure it will be good fun, hopefully I will get rid of some stuff and make some dosharoonies!!!...

This is what I wore today to go for a few cheeky bevvies. I love this skirt, I think the colour is stunning and I loved the price even more £20 from Primark.

Arm cuff-Asos
Necklace-Miss selfridge

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hello you lovely lot :-). As you know I went up north last week to see my family etc. I have to pack quite strategically otherwise I end up taking a mamma of a suitcase looking like a wag getting off the train with ten bags and a porter in tow!! for a three night stay. So what I am trying to say is the next few posts I am wearing jeans galore shocka horror!! the same bag, boots, necklace and hat. So fall asleep now lol! I never take jeans  I hardly wear them really, I usually make more effort but it had been raining up there all that week and was boltic.  So Off the train I get mr sunshine had his hat on, so did I and my bloody jeans! so I looked like a right winter twit.

I went to Bikram yoga yesterday guess who was in front of moi???? Helen le bon carter. Blood sweat and tears and a celeb spot well worth the 90 minutes sweating like theres no tomorrow.

Have a nice day gorgeous fashionistas xxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Step ladder to my heart x

Hello lovelies, I hope your all well and have had a lovely jubbly week so far. I went back up north for the weekend had a great time :-) lots of giggles, girlie get togethers, bbq's, family fun, burger in a bun.
Back in London now so many days ahead of sweating buckets at Bikram yoga. Sweat out all the vodka, cider and various alcoholic beverages I have been consuming this weekend.

I bought this pleated skirt off Ebay (when I had my pleated skirt obsession) a while ago for £2.99 wonderful little bargain it's quite sheer so a trusty pair of cycling shorts underneath does the job.

I have briefly looked at your blogs sweeties, I will comment on them all asap.

Mwah xoxo

Monday, 18 July 2011

I'll be back soon

Hello my lovelies, i am so sorry I have not been posting I will be back soon I promise . I hope your all well. I dropped my precious mac and it has seen better days. I am missing looking at all your blogs.

I hope you will all stay following.
Lv lots xoxo