Friday, 6 January 2012

Feeling it Friday

Asos £40
Asos £28
Asos £60
Asos £45
Acne- Out of my price range.

Like a lot of you I also have a bursting at the seems Asos save for later basket. I am supposedly on a shopping ban till at least 1st of March ( yeah like I can see that happening) the girl (as in me) has NO will power!!. Good job the only addiction I have is shopping, mini cheddars and maltesers .
A few goodies above I have hanging in my save for later basket. They get teased now and again when I

A) Put them in the basket and go to checkout - then
B) Remove item or items from basket and stop stalking clothes on the interweb.
C) Go to my wardrobe, look at, try on, rustle up some new looks, appreciate the items still with tags on waiting to be worn - then
D) Start to panic when I see Low stock and put the item back in the basket and etc etc vicious circle.

I hope you have all had a good week. Have a fab weekend Mwah mwah poppets xoxoxo


  1. Oh hi - just me again!
    This psot is so funny it's exactly the kind of thing I do although I'm not always as well behaved and normally just end up buying.
    To tease you even more though I do love that dress and yellow is good colour! Plus I think it will look fab on you! Just buy it! xx

  2. Happy New Year! What an eye you have, these are great picks, my favourite are the top 3 who can resist mini cheddars! Sharon xx

  3. I LOVE that Acne denim jacket! I just saw it in a store and it has a completely ripped neck! And I love the Asos denim reminds me of the Isabel Marant one which is BEYOND amazeballs!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. LOve the Acne top!!!
    Happy New Year!!! :-)

  5. Great finds, I especially love the colour block shirt!

  6. wahhh hahahaha I had to laugh when I read this honeypie, we are JUST the same, I keep going to check out with my massive wish list then quickly closing the window so I can't haha what a pair we are. I love that checked denim shirt mind, I think you've given me something else to add to my list nooooo!!!! xxxxxxxx