Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dotty love

Lovelies hello. Just been out for dinner to Gilgamesh in Camden. It was where my hubbie took me on our first date nearly five years ago. The evening was full of reminiscing about the past, excitement for the future and a bit of a discussion regarding who is best with chopsticks. We munched on yummy black cod, oyster tempura, beef penang all washed down with an apple and fig martini or three, arhhh heaven. Looking across the table at my beautiful B I still get butterflies the same as I did the first time we met. I know pass the sick bucket!! I can hear you say he he. Anyway over and out off to ZZZZZZZZZZZ land.

Bought this dress from Oasis, covered in my fav print. Hurrah for polka dots. Too cold for bare legs, didn't feel like tights so I thought knee high socks were a good shout.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Konnichi wa part two

Temple gazing, Tempura tasting, belly laughs with the hobbit, O-cha to the max, dogs in jeans seen it all now. Arigato gozai-masu Japan. Sayo-nara see you soon.


Sorry nothing interesting on the outfit front it was freezing so just lived in my jeans and furry coat x

Friday, 17 February 2012

A breeze of colour

Feel like I have been living in dark colours recently so here is a breeze of colour to brighten up the day.

Hello welcome and thank you to my lovely new followers. Cheers for all your lovely comments, I have been so busy, but will be replying to all your comments and checking out all your fab blogs over the weekend xoxo

Blouse- New from Primark £12
Skirt- Vintage
Belt-  Vintage
Boots-Tk maxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Konnichi wa part one

Just got back from a three night trip to Japan. Had a great time, took my friend with me which was fab. One of the great perks I get with work, can take my family and friends with me on trips for a bargainous price. We stay out near the airport in a sleepy place called Narita not much to do there. Tokyo is about an hour and a half a way on the train, we got up early and spent 16 hours beating the streets. Shibuya crossing crazy, Sake cocktails, Lost in translation in the New york bar Park Hyatt, Sushi overload, Unwanted Insomnia, warm as toast toilets seats, wash, blow dry and powdered bums! Harajuku heaven my fav place, Wishing for lottery winnings in Ginza, the happy snapper canon twins, crisp gate, belly laughs, peace sign addiction. Not really an outfit post but I hope you enjoy xoxo