Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lilac haze x

 Off to work in an hour :-( going to dubai. Haven't had a flight on a Sunday in a long time feels weird. Hate leaving my hubbie and Lily the cat but I feel okay once I get to the airport. Haven't much make up on here and look like a bit of a scrag but hey it is Sunday.

Denim gilet-Earl jeans (old)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

London fashion weekend.

Well one isn't lucky enough to go to THE REAL FASHION WEEK but twice a year I go to London fashion WEEKEND to get a bit of a fix. Had a lovely day, my fav bit when Elle street style wanted to take my picture that made my day :-). I was very well behaved on the shopping front I only spent £15. I bought beautiful red leather Wilbur and Gussie clutch bag, total bargain.  I went for a seventies hippie chick look. I got lots of people asking where I got my trousers which was nice especially as they were only from Primark.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bit of a blur....

These photos are a tad blury but I think I have disguised them a bit by giving them a vintage feel. This dress has such a seventies print I heart it, Think I got it from Primark.  Sorry I totally abuse my fringed bag but It just goes with so much and I love the smell of the leather.  Have you got an item that you wear all the time?? These boots were a total steal from New look on line they were £60 down to £25. They are real suede+leather and I know I will wear them to death in summer.  I bought my black fringe biker ones at the same time I was made up when I spotted them.  Pay day tomorrow :-), I have gave myself a challenge :-( I have to go one month without buying any clothes which includes shoes, bags, jewellery everything, Melissa!!! If I buy jewellery I always tell myself it doesn't count nice try!!! I spend the majority of my wages on clothes etc and I feel like I need to start enjoying what I have and not be so obsessed about what I haven't got yet. As I have plenty.

Boots-New look
Bag-Shanghai market
Gilet-Shanghai market
Hat-needs a break from ones head-New look

Monday, 21 February 2011

Are you a musician???

Bracelet addiction- with thanks to H+M
Floral jacket-Primark
Boots-bargain £15 from Office 3 weeks ago wowzers..
Necklace-Diy by moi
Bag-doesn't get a rest

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Spotty red blouse I heart you xx

Happy sunday to everyone. I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed today yipee...! So I thought I would get this bright red bad boy out after wearing too much BLACK. This little piggie went to market and bought all her fruit and veg. We do online shopping as it's easier. Living in London the traffic is always a problem and supermarkets busy busy so the man in his little van brings all our grub now. We have a handy little market down the road. My new thing is...from today I am going to buy all my fruit and veg there. It is so much fresher, cheaper and I feel I am doing my bit for the little guys. Plus the traders are hilarious and I love their banter.
Anyway Mel stop babbling on... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Blouse- H+M in store now
Bracelets-H+M in store now
Jeans- Jamie style-Topshop
Blazer-Camden market

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rain rain go away...

Very chilly on the willie today hence the furry monster on ones head. Have been feeling a tad under de weather this week. So just a quickie today, which was a bit of a grab and go number which is a bit unlike moi but I just wanted something easy. Neck to toe in black to suit the beautiful weather we are having in London at the mo. Hope you are all having a super weekend and doing lots of exciting things. My hubbie is baking AGAIN...  " erm sweetheart have you got something to tell me"??  ' yes I have.....I love cakes!!!'

Leather jacket-older

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Still my girl crush x

Pictures-Kate Moss for Longchamp. Faraway collection ss11
How amazing does Miss Moss look in these pictures. She will be my girl and style crush till the end of time. xoxo

Monday, 14 February 2011

Love is in the air x

Happy Valentines day or anti v day all. Hope your all having a good one whether loved up or not.  Sorry about these pics, blooming rubbish quality. My camera isn't a bad one either, it wasn't cheap. But its just a slim one, not a bad boy one like most of you amazing fashionista's have. What a difference it makes though all you girls have the most amazing pics ever ever. Hope you will stick with me until I get an upgrade :-). This is what I wore today to go oxford street shopping. I was supposed to be good this month! but oh no... One can't leave the shop without anything. Bought a feather skirt, a silk top with feathers on the sleeves in the sale from Mango and some MORE jewellery from H&M. Naughty naughty!!! the guilt is kicking in...


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ebay love part 2 x

Blahhhh what a miserable wet day in London. Arh well. This pleated number is my other bargain off the wonderful Ebay. It was £2.20 I heart it lots, it's perfection and looks brand new. Its very sheer so wacked a pair of trusty leggings underneath to keep my booty warm.

Belt-Angel Jackson
Leather jacket-old
Specs-Mam gave me them for some reason.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

St Lucia..


Not an outfit post, too shy to ask the crew or my friends on trips to take photos. Just a few pics to have a nose at from my St Lucia trip went on tuesday got back this morning.