Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Feeling blue

Hello poppets how are you all? I hope you all had a fab bank holiday weekend.
Thank you all for your lovely comments they are always much appreciated. Hello and welcome to my new followers very good to have you.

This dress is ancient but I still like it lots, I have been Ebaying some of my stuff and this saved the chop. It was kind of chilly this weekend and I think its nearly time to cover up the chicken legs, bye bye bare legs. Thanks England for the fantastic Summer!

I am well happy with my new little booties from good old H&M. They were only £14.99, cheap as chips thought it would be rude not too. They have some great hats at the moment but unfortunately I seem to have a rather small head and need a Small size but they seem to be hard to come by only ever Ms or Ls booooooo! I know it doesn't look small but honestly it is (only stores a little bit of grey matter)!

Dress-old news
Hat-H&M in stores now
Boots-H&M in stores now
Bag- old Topshop
Furry friend-old Ebay

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blue belle xoxo

I am muchos happy with this little bargain, I bought this dress in the Miss Selfridge sale. Not a shop I go in much, but when I was up north I went in with my mum and she picked this for herself. She is 52 and a very stylish lady, my friends always see her and ring me up to say how great she looks. She teamed her dress with jeans and a chunky knit cardigan. Anyway it was only £12 and I thought it would take me through to autumn/winter. I will wear it with some 70's style chunky boots or maybe the foxy woods that I have been thinking about getting for what seems like a lifetime, wooly tights a floppy hat and a fur gilet. I have been quite sad that Summer has been a wash out but now I am getting quite excited for a new wardrobe. I have my little Autumn/Winter folder and lots of magazine cut outs of looks I like and my winter wish list (more like Need and Want asap list) Ha.

Hat-H+M in stores now
Boots-New look

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cream cake

I love this little boho dress, poor sausage was hidden in narnia (back of the wardrobe) all forgotten about. Another sale bargain, this lone ranger was on a rail surrounded by cowboys waiting to be rescued. Its totally sheer so a slip and shorts are a must. Im a bit paranoid and have to wear shorts under all my dresses even the ones that aren't too short. Reason being, last Summer my mother in law was in hospital we went to visit her and long story short. We were in the shop getting treats and as usual I was taking donkeys deciding on what crisps to have, (long story stays long) shall I be calorie conscious and go for the skips or go all the way and get the walkers bad boys my fav!! Anyway there was a hospital security man behind me, I didn't take much notice but then when I turned around he was crouching down. He had his phone between my legs and had taken a picture!!! How fooked up is that!! Well my hubster went mental and started chasing him around the hospital very embarrassing. They investigated the situation he had deleted all the photos but he was suspended. I mean if he done that to me in a crowded shop what would he do to helpless patients what a creep.

Look at my little chip legs they look like little girls legs today. I used to get picked on at school, people would say watch your legs don't snap. I used to wear 2 pairs of tights in winter and slouch socks to make my chips look bigger bless.

Dress-New look
Skull friendship bracelet Links of london
Snake ring-Portobello market
Stone ring-Tibetan stall in Shanghai

Saturday, 20 August 2011


I thought it was about time I showcased one of my most favourite items. I bought this fringed delight from Topshop. I had seen it in their mag 214 and on a poster in store back in March I think. Well wasn't I just like a crazy lady on a mission to get hold of it. I stalked the poor girls in the oxford street store . I looked on line everyday for months, then low and behold... add to bag £50!! yes please. It sold out in hours so I was made up.

Anyway sorry for babbling on, I just love my fringed kimono so very much.

Dress- Primark

Friday, 19 August 2011

The dressing down.

Here she is again.... the girl who only has one bag, one black top, one hat and one necklace!!!!!

Here are some pictures of part of my wardrobe ( the kind of tidy part).  Just so you can see I am not the littlest hobo!! I am just a little bit of a re-offender  xoxo

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

All white now xx

Hi poppets, thanks for all your delightful messages. We had a wonderful anniversary weekend. This is what I wore to Claridges. I heart this dress <3 it was from the H&M conscious collection in summer. This is only the second time I have worn it. I have hardened it up with the monsters (my hubbie hates these shoes and has named them the monsters) they are quite monsterish but I like them none the less!! We had a gorgeous meal, I love Claridges defo one of my fav places to dine on a special occasion.

My hair is looking so dark, hello high lights time again!! Also thinking of getting a bit of a chop but not sure. Kind of like olivia palermo's hair what do you girls think??

Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy one year wedding anniversary xxx

Hello you stylish lot, I hope you are all well. Also a big welcome to my lovely new followers. It was my 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday. I cannot believe where the time has gone, you know what they say time flies when your having fun.  Just wanted to share a few wedding pics with you. I was working at the weekend, landed back from New york yesterday. Very tired monkey, so yesterday was a bit of a right off so we are classing today as our anniversary. We are going to Claridges for lunch (my fav) then to the theatre this evening to watch the play Journeys end.

Have a lovely day poppets love lots  xoxo

Monday, 1 August 2011

Carnage at the disco.

Well hello there kittens and happy Monday to you all. Yesterday we done the boot sale in south London.   An experience and a half may I say. As soon as we pulled up to our pitch and opened the door we had a swarm of 15 people around us asking us what we had, they were trying to get in the boot arghhh!!! I honestly felt like we were there to hand out food parcels it was crazy. As we started unloading even more people came round and were grabbing and fighting over stuff it was hilarious. I just stood there laughing nervously like a weirdo while the hubster sorted out the rabble. He shouted his head off like an angry headmaster "stand back" it was so funny. We made £200 for over 4 hours work, not bad going I think as I just sold old jewellery and bits and bobs nothing I would miss. I had a stack of lovely clothes and shoes but hardly sold any of that which was surprising.

We didn't get round to doing an outfit post so these pics are from the other week.

Sequin top- vintage
Black bag- Market in Shanghai
Dream catcher-Camden
Pink bag-Mulberry