Monday, 2 January 2012

Lets go inside

Well the festivities are officially over booooo hoo sob sob. I now officially feel like a stuffed turkey. Tomorrow is the start of a never ending list as long as Santa's on Christmas eve not a list of presents shame!! It's the dreaded New Years RESOLUTIONS list dum du dum dum duuuuuummm!!!!!

*Be the best little Bikram yoga bunny I can be - first class of the year Tomorrow Love thy sweat!

*Yes you have all heard it before - Shopping ban omg for Jan/Feb at least (doesn't include the Mango feather skirt I just ordered) SSSSSHHHH! and all the other goodies I have bought over the last few days.

*Wipe the dust of the old learn Spanish at home cds - I was really good at it at school and college. Life long dream to be able to speak Spanish fluently ish not just to be able to order a beer and a ham n cheese sandwich.

*Have been saying it for ages want to do a photography course and I have no excuse now I have my new Canon 550d whoop whoop.

*Blog more

Well thats just a few also promised to eat less Maltesers (yum could just eat some now) and Crinkled Mini Chedders. Be less critical towards myself and just carry on enjoying the wonderful thing called Life.

If your all back to work tomorrow have a good day. My Hubbie is (little sad face) I am going to miss having so much time together. I haven't got a flight till the 17th Jan double whoop whoop smiles all round.

Big Mwahs sweetie pies xoxo


  1. i like the spending ban idea, may have to do this myself since i'm hopefully moving in with my boyfriend soon!

    ooh i'm getting a 550D soon too, upgrading from my 40D!!

    happy new year lovely!

  2. Super cute outfit hun loving the hat looks so good on you. Good luck with your New Year resolutions I am on a shopping ban until Feb I have worked all over Xmas including today, Boxing day and New Years Day sad times but I am now off until Friday whoop whoop.
    Cant wait to hear about your photography course I really wont to do one too xoxo

  3. hey little chicky and dont you just look adorbs in your little bobble hat, love love loveeeee!! loving your resolutions too, mine is so crap in comparison haha. Thankyou for all your lovely comments and support too i appreciate it so much, love my lil network of bloggy friends xxxxxx

  4. so agree with the "blog more" resolution! and christ woman, you literally look fabulous in EVERYTHING! love this!

    LoveFaye xoxo

    Aw, these pics are so funny - you look mega cute! I soooo wish I could put all my hair over my face like that! Perfect for when I can't be bothered with the makeup!
    Some good resolutions there too, I need to try this hot yoga and blogging more wouldn't be a bad thing!
    lucky you having all this time off - shame about the hubby though! xxxx