Saturday, 7 January 2012

Urban chic

Hello poppets I hope you are having a good weekend. The Hubster and I are lying low Jan/Feb recouping and saving our pennies like squirrels saving nuts. We usually spend our weekends going out to nice restaurants and trying out cool new bars around London but we have a lot on this year so we decided to relax for the next 2 months. To be honest I love staying in more over Winter anyway. Our new thing which you all may think is sad , we do an hour walk Saturday and Sunday morning I love it we put on our magic gloves hold hands and off we go. xxx

This is what I wore today, not for my power walk of course! I'm not posh spice unfortunately.

Sunglasses-bought in Viva las Vegas
Shirt-New look
Watch-Gucci got it for my 21st birthday
Bracelets-Links of London, F21, H+M,


  1. wow missy you look hot I know I have said it before but I really love these leggings they always looks so good on you. Your litle walks sound so romantic have a lovely weekend xoxo

  2. You look lovely!! Love the jewellery :)

  3. Such a sophisticated look. You look stunning girl. Also loving the hairstyle:)
    Hugs from Finland,

  4. Channeling Hepburn. Trea chic. Bow detail in bun is gorge - always love your eye for detail. Happy saving. And cosy snuggling! X

  5. Loooove the collar detail! Looks fab. xx

  6. Lovely outfit, I love all your bracelets! And it's not sad, I like a good walk too!

  7. you look gorgeous!! awesome blog/style. I've been staying in more often these days too..

  8. I love this look babe you look amazing!! Sooooo chic! I love it :D I don't think your sad at all for going off walking, me and Adrian do it all the time when we can as well, it's lovely to just spend time outdoors with someone you love isn't it! xxxxxxx