Monday, 31 October 2011


Hello witches, ghouls and fashionistas rule!!!! Happy Halloween ooooooooooooooo. Hope you all had a fab weekend. I am well jel of any of you who got to dress up. Not a pumpkin, witches broom or anything that resembles halloween has adorned our house boring!!!
 I had a wonderful time with La Famila they went back up north today (sad little face). On a happy note my new skirt....... I perved over the SELLOUT pleated leather skirt from Zara last year. I never even got a sniff of it though, it was invisible, never seen it in store once. I just looked on enviously over the blogoshere wishing I had it. Anyway I seen this baby in Primark, it's not leather but for £13 smackers it would be rude not too.

Ps: thank you all for your lovely comments, sorry I haven't commented you all back yet been so busy with having family stay. Had my trips quite close together this month, I am off to Boston tomorrow then back Thursday then away again to St Lucia Sunday. I then have a few weeks off so will check out all your lovely new posts etc xx

Skirt-Primark in store now
Fur stole -H+M old, but have similar in store now

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Alreet peeps happy Saturday xoxo

I bought this jumper dress from H+M, it was a bargain and a half £19.99 oh m geeeeeee. I love the colour and it is so warm. I am living in these leggings, they were £7.99 from H+M a few months ago I wish I had bought a few pairs as they are great. They have a zip on the front so can be worn with a shorter top but I feel a bit naked having legging bum on show you know what I mean?.

Had a fab day today, went for afternoon tea at One Aldwych. My Mum and Nana are visiting so we took them for a little treat yipee. I am still full now it was delicious wasn't best pleased with the scone gate.... no plain ones I hate raisins I do, had to pick the buggers out!!! It's a hard life lol.
So cute B and my nana x

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Very tired and jet lagged today lovelies hence my extremely lazy outfit and lack of make up. This is what I call my Christmas cardigan. I bought it in Los angeles a few years back. It's so cosy and warm, I had my fur stole pinned to it but took it off as it was so mild in London today . I have a massive mosquito bite on my cheek of all places yak!!  Speaking of the pesky mozzie, B and I had the most amazing holiday in the maldives a few years ago. I brought a lovely tropical disease home, I got dengue fever and boy was I ill. I was in hospital for 4 days over my birthday too (sad face) I made B bring me a macci d's as the food was so rank. It was quite a scary time as people die from it as there is no cure. So I have a bit of a phobia of the little fookers!! On a cheerful note only 62 days till xmas whoop whoop.

 A few little pics from my trip x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Smile crocodile

Off to work tomo chicks St Lucia for 3 nights. It better not pee down the whole time like the last time I went booooooo!! I need some sunshine, first time ever B and I have not had a Summer holiday this year. That will be down to having a stunning wedding and honeymoon last year so I shouldn't be a spoilt brat. I wore this to a kids birthday party yesterday prob not the best outfit. I think I scared the rugrats as I kinda look like a white witch hippie lol. Had a fun day lots of greek food and desserts yumma yumma. I bought my kimono from Ebay last year thanks to the lovely Giselle from Style of a fashionista she is so sweet and always shares the love if she finds something nice xoxo.

Crochet dress-H+M

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I know the Little black dress is always supposed to be a definite participant in ones wardrobe but I am a bit of a pop of colour chick. Saying that I have got a few more lbds in the wardrobe than I thought lol. Anyway babble babble babble, I bought this little number from ????? 1 guess! yes Primark. Girls it was £11 and I think it doesn't look alf bad considering it was as cheap as chopsticks.

Mwah mwah enjoy your weekend poppets xxxxx


Saturday, 15 October 2011

I love you new coat

My new coat has arrived as you can see. I really like it, even though it will not keep my cockles warm in winter!! I sent the navy pea coat back, it was nice but I didn't need it in my life. This was my outfit today. B took me to the vintage fair at the Shoreditch town hall. It was so busy it was hard to look at things properly without being shoved by some Shoreditch trendy. So I came home empty handed (sad face alert).
Outfit details-
Shiny leggings-H+M

Friday, 14 October 2011


Hiya lovelies I hope you have all had a nice day. I had a fab day courtesy of my friend (cheers love!!) who gave B and I a voucher for afternoon tea. She had a flight today so kindly donated the calories to us yum. We went to Altitude 360 at the Millbank tower. The afternoon tea.... mmmm had better but the views of London were amaze, especially as it was such a stunning day.

 Outfit details:
 Skirt-River Island

Monday, 10 October 2011

Patched up.

Hello girls hope your having a good Monday. I am enjoying the day loafing on the sofa catching up on my sky plus programmes, Towie and The bachelor my guilty pleasures. OOOOooooooo and Made in chelsea tonight, how sad am I. I deserve it as I got up at 5.30am this morning to do an hour boot camp at hyde park with BMF (British military fitness). It was fab, hard work but really good fun. I really want to sign up to do it on a regular basis but not sure how fun it will be in Winter rolling around doing press ups in the snow!!!
   I am getting back into brown items for Winter (sounds dodgy, ha maybe just my weirdo thinking) I seem to be purchasing a lot, brown boots, brown hat, brown this brown that!!! anyway I am liking brown clothes again. I bought these brown pleather trousers from H+M a few weeks back. They are fab even though I had to go up a size boooooo! I had total hot flushes in the changing rooms when I tried these bad boys on in my usual size, it took me a lifetime to get them off!! They got stuck, I couldn't pull them over my feet as they are tight around the bottom. So I was waddling around the fitting room, trousers inside out attached to my ankles like a deflated shadow. I am sure and hoping you have all experienced this and know what I am blabbering about. Like trying the skinniest of skinny jeans on, they went on fine but to get em off omgee!!!
  Anyway I will zip it.... enjoy your Monday, beautiful fashionable people. Thanks for following and thanks always for your delightful comments xoxo

Brown pleather trousers-H+m in stores now £14.99 wow!
Hat-H+m in store now.
Jewels -Primark

Sunday, 9 October 2011

She's a lady.

Alreet chicas how you all doing?. This is my outfit from yesterday went to Westfields with the boy. Bought 2 coats from Topshop because I loved them both so much. Both wouldn't keep a flea warm mind but they look good, will just have to layer like mad. Check them out here and here . I am perving over this beauty but I haven't seen it in store or on line yet. I will have to get stalking the girls in Topshop to see when it's going to be hanging on the racks waiting to come home with moi.
Love love xx

My dress is from Primark I bought it last week I love it. I heart the sweet Peter pan collar and the tie. It was only £17 cheap as chips they have it in black too. Also bought the ring and cuff from there too, the accessories are amazing in there at the mo. My furry friend is from H+m a few years back I think it finishes the outfit off nicely.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. I am off to petticoat lane market to see if there are any bargains to be had.

Love you all sexy bia...tches xoxo