Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday snappie snippets

Super soft crimbo blanket perfect for being a snuggle bug 
New xmas socks now minus 2 pom poms 

Wanted pom pom attacker!!
Heart my new red suede boots
Ginger bread latte yum
Heaven inside.... raspberry glaze only way to go


  1. My cats are exactly the same with pom poms! People are always asking me "how come one of your socks has a pom pom and the other one doesn't?" lol! Really want to try a gingerbread latte! I don't like coffee but it sounds yummy! :) x x

  2. I love cosy socks! I could do with a new pair for this year.
    Mmm, I love Krispy Kremes - I always order the chocolate with custard creme :D

  3. Those boots are gorgeous! And mmmm Krispy Kreme - finally got one opening near me (yayy!) so i won't have to take a 1hour train journey to manchester especially!

    Georgie <3

  4. I have these boots!! love them a little too much. xx

  5. such a festive post loving the blanket I love snuggling up in a blanket and the socks minus the 2 poms poms are super cute xoxo

  6. This post seriously just put me in the christmas spirit! :p I cannot believe it is already going to be Thanksgiving. I adore the holidays.

  7. I'm seriously regretting not getting those socks now! x

  8. love to see the photos:)
    the socks looks so cool!

    New outfit post; Fake fur it is!

  9. Love your new boots! What an awesome colour! <3
    I followed :)

    Ellen xx

  10. Everything christmasy instantly makes me feel so festive! I want to pile on some of those xmas jumpers and sit back and tuck into some chocolates whilst watching some good ole films!

  11. Haha ah the wanted cat photo made me laugh! Those christmas socks are amazing, I need to start stocking up on some cosy goods xx

  12. cool!

    xoxo from rome