Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Its all cool and the gang.

Howdy....... Just landed back from work had a wonderful trip but always happy to be home. Arrived on Uk soil at 5am this morn home and straight to duvet heaven. Loved seeing everyone going to work this morning knowing that I wasn't haaaaaaaa! Lying in bed with my cat n mac catching up with the world ie Blogger, Bloglovin, The mail, Asos arh the list goes on. Here is one of my fav jackets, which I haven't worn for a while. I bought it from Shanghai like 7 years ago but I still love it and think it is Cool and the gang. So excited my bezzie is coming from up north to visit, she gets here at 6pm. We are having a girlie night tonight, pjs, pizza treats and towie. Shopping tomorrow and Friday I am treating her and taking her to the ritz for you guessed it afternoon tea as you know one loves a bit of arvo tea!
                                                     Have a nice day y'all xoxo


  1. You are such a wee posho!! How often do you have avo tea? Once a week?? kidding lovely, I'm wel jeal! Hope you enjoy your girly weekend - I'm off to visit my boys family so will not be in my pj's eating pizza and shopping - boooo!!
    Looking lovely as ever in this cool jacket! You can pull off anything i think.xx

  2. love the jacket it is very "cool" love how you styled it up too. Sounds like you have got a perfect couple of days planned love a girly evening pizza and TOWIE fab. Have a lovely time xoxo

  3. Love that jacket, your style is so eclectic! I want your wardrobe haha!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Hey sweetie, you always look fabulous so for this reason I have nominated you as one of my top 4 bloggers, check out the post here for instructions on how to do your top bloggers!!

  5. It's sounds that you will have amazing and fun weekend! Jacket is cool and I like how You styled it up.Happy Thursday!

    xoxo Ra

  6. Love this hat, colour is amaze.

    Arhh did you have a good time with your girly?
    HOW GOOD WAS towie? Gutted its all over now.