Saturday, 26 November 2011

Spangle jangle

Hola hola people I hope you are all well. How christmassy does one feel in one's new sparkly jumper. I heart it to the max, it is defo a must for the festive period. It was only £14.99 from H+M, I thought it might be an itchy scratchy number but it was fine. Itchy fluffy jumpers make me really angry and claustrophobic (yes I am slightly nutty). A first outing for my new red boots. I really love them but one boot feels a bit funny , as if it is made wrong super sad :-(.

Hello to my new followers good to have you on board xoxo

Leather shorts-Asos (old)
Bag- my darling Balengiaga
Jewels-H+M, links of London, F21,Primark.( Love mixing gold and silver.)


  1. Those boots <3
    Looking gorgeous :) xx

  2. I love the pop of red!so cute
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  3. You look so pretty in the first pic I love your hair loving your sparkly jumper so fab for this season and the boots are amazing love the pop of colour xoxo

  4. Fabulous jumper, I'm loving the sequinned/sparkly things in H&M at the moment, perfect for the festive season. And agree with Giselle, your hair is gorgeous - I can only acheieve that with my hair extensions, you're very lucky!

    Elle x

  5. This is such a gorgeous outfit - can't beat some sparkles to get your feeling all festive! haha I know what you mean about clothes claustrophobia, I get it too sometimes.. especially if a dress gets stuck over your head too long when you're taking it off.. xx

  6. LOVELY!! That touch of red is perfect and love your top! gorgeous style


  7. I want that bracelet soooo bad! please stop wearing it until my broken heart as healed or I have that badboy on my wrist!! Missed you on my flight! xxx

  8. Love the jumper, perfect for the festive season :) x

  9. i love mixing gold and silver too. look out for me cause i'm gonna tackle you if i see you with that bag. just kidding. it's really rad though.

  10. I love H&M and that jumper if fabulous! You're hair is stunning is that natural?