Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I heart Primark

Kimono £12
Blouse £10

Here are a couple of items from my latest Primark haul.

*If you can excuse the biatch barging in trying to look for her size on the rail when you were there FIRST!!
* If your hardcore and don't mind queuing for what feels like a lifetime to try your 8 items on! , then queuing for 2 more hours to pay for your bargains.
* If you don't mind the rectangular baskets ( better when they were round) that bash everyone you walk past and you get stuck walking through the rails.
* If your not fazed by wiping the dust and fluff off that last dress in your size that you find on the FLOOR argh!!
 *and the hideous paper bags that are not good in the rain then the handles snap cos of all your new loot (should of double bagged).

:-)You can so find a fab item or two.

I am loving this spotty blouse with the cute peter pan collar wouldn't be seen out of place hanging on a rail in Toppers with a £40 price tag. The kimono is really good quality, they had it in red too .

I live in London so frequent the Primark at Marble arch. If you want a pleasant experience get up with the birds and get there before 10am. I am hardcore and will be in there for 8.30am for an easy life. Otherwise I get Primark rage and start muttering under my breath (sometimes a bit louder) at rude people.

Have fun xoxo


  1. Oh man I LOVE Primark too! .... and that spotty number will be mine!


    ps cute dresser! xx

  2. I love this post, everything you have said is so true! i'd like to think of myself as a hardcore Primarker too ;-)

    Love the spotty blouse and like you said it looks like it would come with a hefty price tag, ah love Primark ha

  3. Ha ha love this post. Yes, that is savvy advice - hate it when I get 'primark rage.' Now following you. Please take a peek at our boutique & blog Thanks doll x

  4. They are all so cute! I don't have a Primark anywhere near. =(

    style roulette

  5. You really are the Primark Princess and it does seem worth it for these beauties I think you must own all the amazing pieces they have ever done.

    One spooky little thing I have that face mask and I too have it on my mirror on my dressing table so weird in a good way tho xoxo

  6. Oh, an I thought that I'm only one sucker for Primark. Thank You, thank You for this post :) It's like none is shopping there, but now and then you see that some of those none are coming out from Primark with huge shopping bags or browsing with pile of clothes in basket.hahaha! and most amusing when they pretend that they don't see you. hahaha!
    Wonderful purchases. Have to check some day my local Primark.

    xoxo Ra

  7. Primark is a DREAM!! I love it and spend farrr too much money there!

    LoveFaye xoxo