Monday, 7 February 2011

Wind swept.

Hello and welcome so much to my new followers. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. Just a quickie post, nothing much to report. This outfit was from yesterday late afternoon (very windy again) just went for a few cheeky beverages. After staying in on a Saturday day and night (may I add) like a blooming old married couple (maybe cos we are lol). We had a bit of a chillax day, we made a wicked victoria sponge cake which has been demolished over the weekend and I am defo guilty of eating at least half. Yes I feel very greedy and I am hoping I haven't got a muffin top after all my hard work at bikram. Hope you all had a good weekend, roll on the next one xoxo

Gilet-Market in Shanghai
Headband-about 5 years old
Jewellery-Primark,F21,Camden market

Gotta be honest, my hubbie done most of the work. I was his glamourous assistant who licked the spoon and demolished the end product. Yum yum yum xoxo


  1. Love the gilet and the feather clutch. The cake looks delicious too, I always get hungry when I read a food post. Damn!

  2. Your style is incredible!

  3. I love this look. Theres a lot of people that cant pull off feathers because they make it costume-y, but you are definitely not one of those people! :) gorgeous.


  4. yoou are soooo stylish.
    would be nice if you´d chack out my blog. that would be so cool for me. i love your style, really!

  5. nice blog and posts!i love your outfit posts!everything you wear is amazing!
    looking forward to seeing u on my blog as well!!
    kisses from greece!

  6. It has been crazy windy the last couple of days.

    Goregous outfit I am loving your fur vests fab buys. That Victoria sponge cake looks yummy I dont blame you eating half of it I would of done the same xoxo

  7. Gorgeous outfit! Following you via Bloglovin' :) Great blog, can't wait for your next post xxx

  8. Nice nice outfit!Your black vest is so beautiful and I have this bag from Asos too,only in a different color!

  9. hi there! you are officially my new favorite obsession. Okay, I didn't mean to make that sound creepy or stalker-ish, I just mean I'm really, really loving your blog. :D

  10. What an amazing outfit! The gilet you're wearing is lovely! Love your style and I think you got yourself a new fan;)

    Xx Jorien

  11. That bag is beautiful and I just love this entire look!

  12. p.s. I have gone through your entire blog and have just fallen in love with your style!

  13. WOW I love your style, you look incredible!

  14. Ah this is such a lovely outfit! I love the way your styled it too!