Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bit of a blur....

These photos are a tad blury but I think I have disguised them a bit by giving them a vintage feel. This dress has such a seventies print I heart it, Think I got it from Primark.  Sorry I totally abuse my fringed bag but It just goes with so much and I love the smell of the leather.  Have you got an item that you wear all the time?? These boots were a total steal from New look on line they were £60 down to £25. They are real suede+leather and I know I will wear them to death in summer.  I bought my black fringe biker ones at the same time I was made up when I spotted them.  Pay day tomorrow :-), I have gave myself a challenge :-( I have to go one month without buying any clothes which includes shoes, bags, jewellery everything, Melissa!!! If I buy jewellery I always tell myself it doesn't count nice try!!! I spend the majority of my wages on clothes etc and I feel like I need to start enjoying what I have and not be so obsessed about what I haven't got yet. As I have plenty.

Boots-New look
Bag-Shanghai market
Gilet-Shanghai market
Hat-needs a break from ones head-New look


  1. Ohh I love it, very 70s-esque. I like the vignette effect on the pics, it kind of goes with the outfit. And that gilet is just amazing!!!! Nice bargain find on the shoes my dear. I am exactly the same, but I always tell myself that it's 'shoes' that don't count though, don't know how that one works...!

    Ps. I didn't realise you were a fellow Mel :) I was going to ask in your other post which one it's short for, Melanie or Melissa, but I see your a Melissa! Now that would have been spoooky!

  2. Love this look, the dress is gorgeous and really suits you x

  3. Looking good missy love all the pieces and the boots will defo be fab in the summer when it arrives. I love what you said about enjoying what you have and not obsessing about what you dont have. Good luck with your spending ban xoxo

  4. AH i love this outfit, so 70's chic and your dress looks really beautiful!

  5. This outfit is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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  6. Cute pics! your blog is really lovely!
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  7. I'm in love with this outfit! the print is gorgeous. But good luck with your challenge. I knoooow it's hard. I've gotta set that challenge to myself too some time soon. But Amen Sister to the last sentence.

  8. cool!

    xoxo from rome

  9. Lovely outfit dear,especially the gilet looks so nice!!

  10. Thanks for your comment I am fine. I checked out my blogger stats and I clicked the link that was how I found the thread it is actually bringing me quite a bit of traffic. The funniest thing is one of them has me on there blogroll lol x x

  11. this Shanghai market clearly had a thing for fringing. Looks amazing :)

  12. Gorgeous photos, love the fringed waistcoat!

  13. Nice outfit !
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  14. i need those shoes!!! i love this outfit----i would wear every single bit!! and thank you soooo much for your nice comment, muchhhh appreciated hippie sister!

    ashley <3

  15. i love your dress and the hat. boho chic at its finest. xo

  16. Awesome style like always. Gorgeous dress, the print is awesome!


  17. i love these photos, you have such good style


  18. I like this:) vintage feel vibe.