Sunday, 30 January 2011

Boho x

Happy Sunday everyone :-).  I have had a fab weekend, my 2 little sisters came to stay. It was sooooooo nice to see them, I seen them last at christmas but it seems like ages ago. I miss them loads. I love it when they come to stay even though my wardrobe gets a bit emptier!! They went home today we put them on the train and I started crying like a girl, I kept knocking on the window to say bye.. AGAIN.. embarrassing big sis! I have gone for a winter boho look here. I have had my cowboy boots for years and years and I don't care how many times I read there soooooo out of fashion and must not be worn. I love them and will wear them forever and ever with pride.  Bought this tasselled bag in shanghai, I had to bargain so hard to get the price down.  It is the softest leather I have ever felt, it's a beauty. I have a feeling It won't be leaving my shoulder. So I apologise in advance.


  1. Oh la la fab look I love my cowboy boots too who cares about fashion I live in mine come summer. That vest is pretty awesome and you have got the F21 dream catcher necklace so perfect wth this outfit xoxo

  2. Great boots and it's owner )