Monday, 31 October 2011


Hello witches, ghouls and fashionistas rule!!!! Happy Halloween ooooooooooooooo. Hope you all had a fab weekend. I am well jel of any of you who got to dress up. Not a pumpkin, witches broom or anything that resembles halloween has adorned our house boring!!!
 I had a wonderful time with La Famila they went back up north today (sad little face). On a happy note my new skirt....... I perved over the SELLOUT pleated leather skirt from Zara last year. I never even got a sniff of it though, it was invisible, never seen it in store once. I just looked on enviously over the blogoshere wishing I had it. Anyway I seen this baby in Primark, it's not leather but for £13 smackers it would be rude not too.

Ps: thank you all for your lovely comments, sorry I haven't commented you all back yet been so busy with having family stay. Had my trips quite close together this month, I am off to Boston tomorrow then back Thursday then away again to St Lucia Sunday. I then have a few weeks off so will check out all your lovely new posts etc xx

Skirt-Primark in store now
Fur stole -H+M old, but have similar in store now


  1. Reem??? HA, get that word off my blog!! :)
    I too lusted after the Zara version of this little cutie but think this wee Primark number is a good alternative.
    Check you out smouldering in that hat - you look like a total BABE!!
    I think we have both caught the fur stole addiction - its a good one though.
    I'm so jealous of your job, have fun while you are away. xxx

  2. ha - the word I just had to use to verify my comment was reeml...almost!! xx

  3. NEED that primark skirt...its fittt.
    Your fur stole is the best also.

    looking lovely dear, happy halloween babes Im borin'ell as well.


  4. Looove the bag and hat honey!! great skit too! xoox

  5. This skirt and bag are to die for

  6. ha, I'm only kidding! Someone once used the naughty C word on my blog - Reem is totally fine! HAHA! xx

  7. om gosh hun your job takes you to so many wonderful places how do you not get mega tired.

    Love this outfit you look gorgeous love the skirt on you another lovely Primark find xoxo

  8. Wow! Those skirt are from Primark??!!!.. Have to check do we have them in my local Primark store. Looks amazing!
    Have fun seetheart!

    xoxo Ra

  9. What a bargain, skirt looks great. Love the boots too! How lucky you get to travel so much! x

  10. What a wonderful outfit yet again! I'm in love with your skirt!


  11. Love your skirt! Fantastic fur stole!

  12. Hi dear
    Thanks for comment
    Love this skirt, and the fur vest is gorgeous

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  13. We're really loving all of your recent outfit posts! You look so fab!! Love the fur collar in the one before this one..and the pleats and camel here look really great! Love it!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  14. hot look! everything looks perfect. love the bag, darling. peace

  15. Amazing outfit! I want that skirt!! :) xx

  16. In love with this outfit. You look gorgeous. x