Monday, 10 October 2011

Patched up.

Hello girls hope your having a good Monday. I am enjoying the day loafing on the sofa catching up on my sky plus programmes, Towie and The bachelor my guilty pleasures. OOOOooooooo and Made in chelsea tonight, how sad am I. I deserve it as I got up at 5.30am this morning to do an hour boot camp at hyde park with BMF (British military fitness). It was fab, hard work but really good fun. I really want to sign up to do it on a regular basis but not sure how fun it will be in Winter rolling around doing press ups in the snow!!!
   I am getting back into brown items for Winter (sounds dodgy, ha maybe just my weirdo thinking) I seem to be purchasing a lot, brown boots, brown hat, brown this brown that!!! anyway I am liking brown clothes again. I bought these brown pleather trousers from H+M a few weeks back. They are fab even though I had to go up a size boooooo! I had total hot flushes in the changing rooms when I tried these bad boys on in my usual size, it took me a lifetime to get them off!! They got stuck, I couldn't pull them over my feet as they are tight around the bottom. So I was waddling around the fitting room, trousers inside out attached to my ankles like a deflated shadow. I am sure and hoping you have all experienced this and know what I am blabbering about. Like trying the skinniest of skinny jeans on, they went on fine but to get em off omgee!!!
  Anyway I will zip it.... enjoy your Monday, beautiful fashionable people. Thanks for following and thanks always for your delightful comments xoxo

Brown pleather trousers-H+m in stores now £14.99 wow!
Hat-H+m in store now.
Jewels -Primark


  1. Looking lovely hun, I like the simple style on you.
    Brown is def a good colour for this time of year and I love your hat!
    Check you out doing some military fitness in the park?! HA! You are certainly dedicated.
    I missed Towie last night so got to catch up this evening!

  2. wow baby, a real london girl!
    love it
    i was in londen a week ago and i really LOVED it,
    i loved the people so kind and what a great style there!
    and i loved topshop:)

    New outfit post - New dress

  3. Looking good honey!!
    Your hair looks fab and i love that hat on you! In serious need of more winter clothes!

    That sounds amazing in Hyde Park! I want to do it!!
    I was thinking, what with me being in London now, all us Londoners should all meet up and have a blogging day! What do you think?
    Email me!
    xoxo Jess

  4. lol I know exactly what you mean I had to go up a size in them too. They look fab on you and I am loving brown on you too a great alternative to black.

    Boot camp wow hun you will be super fit if you keep that up xoxo

  5. We're loving the Zara cardi! And that hat is to die for-- love the color!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  6. LOVE the cuff ! And I'm really loving the whole elbow patch trend, the cardi looks great on you ! x

  7. That cardi is fabb- loving the patches.

    I've giving you a little award on my blog baby.


  8. Great style! Wow, you really got up at 5.30?

  9. Love it! :) I really want a cardigan with elbow patches at the moment.