Sunday, 23 October 2011


Very tired and jet lagged today lovelies hence my extremely lazy outfit and lack of make up. This is what I call my Christmas cardigan. I bought it in Los angeles a few years back. It's so cosy and warm, I had my fur stole pinned to it but took it off as it was so mild in London today . I have a massive mosquito bite on my cheek of all places yak!!  Speaking of the pesky mozzie, B and I had the most amazing holiday in the maldives a few years ago. I brought a lovely tropical disease home, I got dengue fever and boy was I ill. I was in hospital for 4 days over my birthday too (sad face) I made B bring me a macci d's as the food was so rank. It was quite a scary time as people die from it as there is no cure. So I have a bit of a phobia of the little fookers!! On a cheerful note only 62 days till xmas whoop whoop.

 A few little pics from my trip x


  1. LOOOVE ur christmas cardi hun! I bought a lovely aztec cardi from ... yep you guessed it, Primarni!! Looking forward to wearing it, you have given me an idea on the fur stole pinning tho! I thank you!

    Hope all is peachy


  2. gorgeous pictures, you are literally flawless!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Fantastic photos, and this cardi is lovely. It looks so cozy, really love it!

  4. great photos, love the cardi in the first pics~

  5. awww... how terrible. I'm so happy that You are well. On other hand those photos look so wonderful and place looks like Eden.
    You look so amazing. I love this simple, casual and yet so super stylish look. Grey is one of my favorite colours, that T-shirt&jeans looks gorgeous and I so love your cardi.
    Yayyy..for Xmas!! Can't wait. My favorite holiday ;)
    Have i told You that I love your beautiful hair. Ok, Now I did :)

    xoxo Ra

  6. love the look on the first few pics!!! effortlessly cool... x


  7. Loving the trip pictures <3


    Hope your cheeky gets better soon them bloody pesky mozzi's bloody love me as well...You will have made me even more para about them now I didnt realise about dengue fever!!!


  8. you look adorable, darling. love the cardi and your hair is just beautiful. peace

  9. Hey Hey,

    u can find the photo I took of you here:


  10. om gosh hun I cant believe you got dengue fever that must of been so scary.

    What a place to go and get a mozzie bite. Love the pictures from your trip love the last pic missy you look stunning.

    This is so a Christmas cardi I am super excited I am following Santa on Twitter totally my most fav time of the year. We already have crimbo decorations up at work :)) xoxo

  11. love this! you still lovely even with a mosquito bite!!

    lots of love

  12. Ahhhh I know all about the bites! I just got back from travelling around the South of France and the flappy things seemed to love me! :'( I don't mind them anywhere else but the face? Seriously?? So annoying! x x

  13. Super lovely blog!


  14. Love this cardigan. Looks so cozy but stylish at the same time.
    Woot woot - check out that bod of yours. I def need get involved in the yoga action!!
    Hope your good xxx

  15. beautiful snapshot photos, i love your bag in the first look!

  16. Hi dear
    Love the first outfit

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  17. Gorgeous cardigan <3 and oh fabulous pictures, when I look at them I want summer back !

  18. staram się nie przynudzać, może akurat Tobie się coś spodoba, a jeśli nie - krytykę przyjmuję na klatę:) ZAPRASZAM

  19. great look!loooove the shoes!!