Saturday, 20 August 2011


I thought it was about time I showcased one of my most favourite items. I bought this fringed delight from Topshop. I had seen it in their mag 214 and on a poster in store back in March I think. Well wasn't I just like a crazy lady on a mission to get hold of it. I stalked the poor girls in the oxford street store . I looked on line everyday for months, then low and behold... add to bag £50!! yes please. It sold out in hours so I was made up.

Anyway sorry for babbling on, I just love my fringed kimono so very much.

Dress- Primark


  1. Well worth the wait, it's gorgeous!! xo

  2. I love this outfit babe, I have that dress too and i am yet to wear it, just dont know what to put it with, but this looks amazing, will have to have another experiment with something similar! :) xxx

  3. WOW! It's amazing. I love it, it's truly is a statement piece.
    That Primark dress is pretty.
    I like this look. So boho chic.

    xoxo Ra

  4. AHHHH!!! I just sold this fringe top on ebay and now I am gutted!! you look mega! xx

  5. Hi girl!
    Such a lovely blog! I totally love your style.



  6. LOVING the fringe ..... you wear it so well too!!

    thanx for the bracelet heads up - gonna go in-store and have a look for it this week ...... its by far the cheapest i have seen around! You are a super star for finding it for me!

    Will keep you informed if i find it! If not i might just have to chance it on the website!!
    mucho love

  7. You look amazing,powerful is the fringed top ,right?I bet you have the superb feeling on it.Plus your shining eyes with the lights effect and the most pretty smiles,you are terrific..

  8. Your hair is insanely gorgeous! Love your boho/sienna miller style :) x