Monday, 1 August 2011

Carnage at the disco.

Well hello there kittens and happy Monday to you all. Yesterday we done the boot sale in south London.   An experience and a half may I say. As soon as we pulled up to our pitch and opened the door we had a swarm of 15 people around us asking us what we had, they were trying to get in the boot arghhh!!! I honestly felt like we were there to hand out food parcels it was crazy. As we started unloading even more people came round and were grabbing and fighting over stuff it was hilarious. I just stood there laughing nervously like a weirdo while the hubster sorted out the rabble. He shouted his head off like an angry headmaster "stand back" it was so funny. We made £200 for over 4 hours work, not bad going I think as I just sold old jewellery and bits and bobs nothing I would miss. I had a stack of lovely clothes and shoes but hardly sold any of that which was surprising.

We didn't get round to doing an outfit post so these pics are from the other week.

Sequin top- vintage
Black bag- Market in Shanghai
Dream catcher-Camden
Pink bag-Mulberry


  1. Really gorgeous look, the bag with the dream catcher attached is such a great idea to add a boho touch. did it come like that or did you attach it?

  2. Ha some people really do go a bit mental at boot sales, really love the sequin top x

  3. Gorgeous outfit, your top is lovely. I keep meaning to do a car boot sale, I have 8 bags of old clothes I need to get rid of!!

  4. Ah car boot sales are soo much fun!! I love your top - very glam! and you look beautiful as always!!
    Sam xx

  5. I love your's beautiful! Great vintage find :)

  6. oh wow hun love this outfit so perfect that top is amazing and looks fab teamed with the jeans.

    You did good at your carboot sale I really need to do one I have a load of stuff to sell. I am surprised your clothes did not sell maybe ebay xoxo

  7. ohhhh how about a blog sale lots of bloggers have been doing them lately xoxo

  8. Great outfit, this blouse is amazing!

  9. HAHA the bootsale sounds mental. I might give it a go as I have so much old jewlerry that never sells well on ebay.
    Looking fab as ever, plus I love your wee umberella!!

  10. so chic!
    love these pics and your look!

  11. this look is very modern day gypsy, i dig it C: i'm a big fan of dream catchers as well!

    sara tee.

  12. *wow* You look hot!
    Love the look, suits you perfectly :-)

  13. Hey hun!
    you look lush, so pretty and boho fab in your denim and sequins! I had exactly the same happen to me when I did a boot sale on my own, I'd barely got out of the car and they were trying to open the boot and ferreting around, one bloke fished the tyre inflator from out of the boot and I was like, oi! thats not for sale!! cheek!!
    Glad you had a good time though it definitely helps to have a man about. The next one I did Adrian came with me to keep the crowds at bay lol!

    Lots of love Amie

  14. cute outfit
    love your hair
    cute blouse

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  15. That sequin top is amazing. Lately I have some kinda craving for sequin clothes, well it's good that nothing much can bee found in shops.haha!
    You look so cool and chic babe!
    P.s. You have new follower.

    xoxo Ra

  16. girl you look lovely:)
    love the outfit

    new outfit post :

  17. <3 thank u beauty

  18. adore your style!great boots and jeans!