Friday, 19 August 2011

The dressing down.

Here she is again.... the girl who only has one bag, one black top, one hat and one necklace!!!!!

Here are some pictures of part of my wardrobe ( the kind of tidy part).  Just so you can see I am not the littlest hobo!! I am just a little bit of a re-offender  xoxo


  1. I would LOVE your raid your'drobe...


  2. Hey love! Not to worry I am the worst re-offender, especially when it comes to big fluffy jumpers, I'd live in mine everyday forever! You look awesome as always and the dream catcher is so coooot!

    The jeff c's are extremely comfy, you wouldn't think it because they're so high, but the platform cancels out the heel so it feels more like your waking in kitten heels. I seriously recommend them (I can imagine the foxys being exactly the same). I am a size 4 and they fit perfectly true to size, possibly the best fitting shoes I've ever had! I got mine from and I think they are going to be stocking them in store soon too, which saves us british folk having to fork out zillions of dollars on shipping costs! Hope my shoe essay helps haha!

    Hope you are well sweets xxx

  3. I like this boho, but yet a bit edgy look. Kimono is so great touch to look. and so trendy.

    xoxo Ra

  4. you look amazing as always chick love the dress down look style tres stylish. I love having a snoop into bloggers wardrobes love your boot collection xoxo

  5. Your wardrobe looks pretty perfect!! Love the dreamcatcher on your bag, love your style so much zxxx

  6. I LOVE your gown/kimono. This look has such a festival, bohemian/rocker girl look about it. Hard to pull off, but with your hair and those pins you are totally rocking it.

  7. love your kimono jacket.

    J x