Wednesday, 16 March 2011

yes it is a dressing gown and....!!!!!

This is a repost I am sorry but for some reason it just vanished into the blogosphere. I had some very funny looks while wearing my dressing gown disguised as a kimono. I like it though so I don't really mind. Looking forward to wearing this in summer like Gillian Zinser (Ivy from 90210) teamed with a pair of shorts and a plain white vest.

My outfit-
Top-New look
Pleather trousers-H+M
Dressing gown-Market in shanghai
Bag-Market in Shanghai


  1. Oh, I love this!! Looks amazing!! You reall suit red. xx

  2. i flippin LOVE this outfit! you look amazing! you should wear more hats! i LOVE a fringe under a hat!


    ps wonderful kimono! x

  3. You always have great outfits! Love your skinnies and the hat!!

  4. You look awesome babe loving the "dressing gown" and the last outfit post was gorge too those floral printed shorts are super cute xoxo

  5. I love it! I don't think it looks like a dressing gown at all. I think it looks more like a kimono.

  6. Hey hun has your Topshop kimono arrived mine came today and it is so perfect just want to thank you for the heads up xoxo

  7. OMG this has resonance with me as I have a vintage dressing gown of my nans which I was wearing over some skinny black trousers the other day thinking, 'can I?!' You have inspired me to go for it!! xoxo