Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dress down tuesday

Up early this morning to run errands hence this nothing special jumper and jeans kinda crappy boring ensemble. Just wanted to be warm and comfy and not be freezing my arse off for a change.  I am over winter now .COM!!!! not that I haven't mentioned the fact about 100009936 times already.  Went to the chinese embassy this morning to pick up my Mam's visa. I am taking her on my next trip to Shanghai. I can't wait she hasn't come on a trip for donkies. My Mam and Nana came to stay last week, it was so nice to have my northern monkeys here. I do love my London life to bits but I do miss my family, sisters and northern friends so very very much. Anywho talking crap so I will zip it.
Hope you delightful lot are having a nice week so far.  Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I haven't many followers and I don't mind cos I love the ones I have to bits. You all say the kindest, sweetest things and make my day xoxo

Denim shirt-Newlook


  1. LOVE everything! ... again!

    where is ur belt from hun? is it new?

    ps ur hair looks fab with the wave in it xoxo

  2. You even manage to look great on dress down Tuesday :)
    Your blog is honestly one of the ones I most look forward to reading, irregardless of whether you have a bajillion followers waiting to say 'zomg you lwk gorjus' or not!

  3. You look amazing as ever, I think the dressed down look really suits you. The caot looks nice and warm and the scarf goes so well. I love your blog, regardless of followers. xx

  4. Glad you solved your uploading problem hun. How exciting for you and your mum and I am sure you will bring some fabulous things back from Shanghai. Love your dress down outfit and that is a stunning print on your scarf enjoy what is left of your day xoxo

  5. See? This is why I love your blog, because you are so versatile. One day you're boho chic and the next your simple chic or whatnot. I la-love those boots btw.

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment & birthday wishes petal you are the best!
    You say my outfit looked good, but could you look any cooler???! I love the side photo, because the collar on the coat is amazing.
    Have a fantastic time in Shanghai with your mum, this might be a bit cheeky but please can you take me too? Haha!
    Hope you make some quirky little market purchases for me to perve over! xxxxxxx

  7. This is chic. And I don't say that lightly!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Blogger Spotlight: My Journey with Judy
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  8. You look great!loove your coat!!xx


  9. Aw thanks chick! I have to admit, your hair is a massive insperation to me! I know, just shows how good it is to hold on to good things! xx

  10. awesome scarf!! looks great on u..

    xx, Sabinna and David


  11. love love love your style girlie!!! I've been looking for a pair of shoes like yours for so long now! Had a thrifted pair, but they fell apart (literally...into two pieces). Seriously, this outfit is awesome xo