Sunday, 5 December 2010

A sea of Blues..

I am soooooo excited for chrimbo. We got out xmas tree yesterday evening.  Like a true man folk my hubby went into the woods in his lumber jack and chopped us a fine one. He he.. I cooked the tea and he went out and picked us the cutest tree. A bit skinny up top to be fair, missing a few branches poor little tree wasn't the most volumptious tree in the woods. But it's perfect!! our first christmas as grown up marrieds lol..  All the snow has melted... I was in Boston and have missed it all, left with a bit of slush now it's vanished. Quite pleased as I haven't the appropriate foot attire and I have regrettably sold the warmest fur coat that I though I no longer liked but now I realised I bloody LOVED now I want it back. I do that a lot,  sell things and give to charity then regret it (not giving to charity of course) but it just shows it's good to hoard no regrets then :-(. Have a happy sunday xx

Socks-River Island
Leopard scarf-H&M

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