Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Happy belated Chrimbo to you all I hope you had the best time ever. I am back in London after spending a fabulous 5 nights up north with my amazing family and friends. Belly laughs galore, Pringles till you pop, Chambord n Moet, so glad it wasn't snowy, playing with toys meant for little boys, dancing and prancing and eating the world how I had fun with my Cumbrian girls. I had such a fantabulous time and felt like the boy off the John Lewis advert giving presents to everyone. I made my Hubbies year... I bought him an Ipad which he is now addicted to.
 I got some AMAZING gifts. The big guy in red was very nice to moi, I must of been a good girl this year or he got me mixed up with someone else ha!!
 My cousin found the old pic of me at Christmas, my Gramps looks so young. I adore my Nana and Gramps they are the cutest ever xx
Lily the cat got a new fluffy pink bed off my Mum but as usual she won't sleep in it. No matter how many times I try to nicely force her in it or bribe her in it with treats. She prefers to sleep next to it or on a plastic bag, a magazine, my work suitcase or my leather jacket! Why Cat why!!!

Love lots and enjoy the rest of the festive period xoxo


  1. such funny photos! but you look so gorgeous C:

  2. wow hun how hot do you look playing with kiddies toys lol. I love your purple dress with the boots genius you look amazing in all these pics looks like you had a fabulous Christmas xoxo

  3. Aw I love all your Christmas pics toots, you look bloody amazing. I love the purple dress, goes perfectly with your socks and booties! Loving all the arm cuffs too! You're like a wee Boho Sienna! Hope you had a fab break! Xx

  4. Love all the pics of you playing with the toys! Is the sort of thing I'd do - haha! Looks like you had a lovely time x x

  5. seem you had a lovely christmas, girl! your hair looked great! lovely dresses, too. happy holidays. peace

  6. I so love your purple dress and it looks gorgeous with the fur!