Sunday, 18 December 2011

A leopard with red lips

Hello gorgeous people...... I hope you all had a super duper weekend. Not long till Christmas now whoop whoop xoxo

Outfit -
Watch-Michael Kors
Bracelets-vintage+Links of London
Furry friend-ebay (old)

Welcome and thank you to my new followers, looking forward to chatting to you and checking out your fabulous blogs xx


  1. You look amazing, its nice to see some colour in a winter wardrobe :)
    I've been trying to resist that bag from primark for a while!

  2. You are always so stylish. Love the boots

  3. lady, those shoes with those leggings, oh my! love this - having a total style crush on your blog this now.

    a x

    Girl in the City Glasgow

  4. You look gorgeous as per usual! Red lipstick and leopard print is always a winning combination! Great bag too, I'm long overdue a trip to Primark...

    Hope you had a good weekend,

    Ekaete xx

  5. Aw you look gorgeous, I love you with red lips! I keep forgetting about these little boots, so thanks for reminding me to get them on! This whole look is just gorgeous, love the hat! As always, you look amazing!
    Hope you are good hun bun! Are you heading up North for christmas? xxx

  6. Another chic look. Love the boots and bag. I bought a trilby like that in Primark yesterday :)
    Have a very merry christmas sweetie xx

  7. gorgeous as always sweetie! love the shirt and the shoes are beautiful!

  8. Love every single piece of this outfit. Fab colour combo! <3 xx

  9. Leopard and red are such a great combo, love this look :)

  10. wow hun this outfit rocks I am totally in love with your red boots how amazing do they look with the leather trousers and leopard print amazing chick xoox

  11. this outfit is absolutely fantastic! i might have to track down that bag. and those boots. and everything else! perfect.

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! there's so many great outfits, i love your sense of style!

    i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC

  12. love this - your styling is amazing

  13. Hi Girl, Just came here on your blog and it is amazing!! Your style rocks!! I am your newest follower.. I hope you will visit my blog too! Thanks! xoox Chloe

  14. Hey crazy! I replied to your comment via email, let me know if you got it ok?! I wasn't much help mind you! :( xx

  15. Aw, I just replied to the email that came into my yahoo to say you left me a comment! God knows who I've sent it to!
    Basically I had a lookin urban outfitters for you, as that is where I got mine! I think topshop do some thick gold ones though?
    Maybe check out some hosiery shops - I know there is one in Covent garden or selfridges has a big tight/sock section?
    Hope you find the perfect pair!
    Have an amazing christmas toots! Your car journey sounds bliss! Enjoy boxing night too - it's my fave night of the year! Xxxx

  16. Love your boots! You look amazing!!

  17. I am not going to be much help with the sock thing but maybe try the department stores if I see any when I am out and about I will let you know good luck finding a pair

    ps still loving those red boots amazing xoxo

  18. Your fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers, such a lush outfit...where to start: the hat, shirt, ring, bag, it all!

  19. You look amazing! i love that bag, i saw it in primark last week and i must buy it!! the leopard and red is a beautiful combination too!! xx

  20. love this look, especially the shoes!
    happy holidays!!

  21. U look great,hope u had a lovely xmas

    You have a wonderful blog,am a new follower

  22. cool blog!!!

  23. loooooove your bag hun you look fantastic xxxx