Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Step ladder to my heart x

Hello lovelies, I hope your all well and have had a lovely jubbly week so far. I went back up north for the weekend had a great time :-) lots of giggles, girlie get togethers, bbq's, family fun, burger in a bun.
Back in London now so many days ahead of sweating buckets at Bikram yoga. Sweat out all the vodka, cider and various alcoholic beverages I have been consuming this weekend.

I bought this pleated skirt off Ebay (when I had my pleated skirt obsession) a while ago for £2.99 wonderful little bargain it's quite sheer so a trusty pair of cycling shorts underneath does the job.

I have briefly looked at your blogs sweeties, I will comment on them all asap.

Mwah xoxo


  1. Nice to see you back :) Sounds like you've been having lots of fun!

    That skirt is AMAZING - what a bargain!


  2. Really cute skirt, and this necklace is fantastic!

  3. Hello!! Long time no speak, how are you lovely? Looking as gorgeous as ever! Love this skirt and your necklace is fab!
    Hope you had a lovely time back home, sounds like you did. I really want to try bikram yoga, but I am pretty lazy when it comes to any form of excersize, sooo bad! xxxxx

  4. Hi stranger! Looking gorgeous as ever! That skirt was a STEAL!!!!!! Hope you're well doll xxx

  5. love that skirt, its super cute, you look stunning!



  6. This is such an adorable look. I really love your necklace- it's such a great piece! You look so pretty!


  7. Hey doll sounds like you had the perfect weekend and I see you are wearing yet another super cute outfit loving the hat on you xoxo

  8. Glad to hear you had fun. Ahhhhhh thank you so much for saying that, I think I love you - haha!! I'm sure we share the sienna love!
    If I look as good as you when I hit 30 I will be one happy lady! xx

  9. You have such a nice unique style, really like your blog.

    Am following you, please follow me back :)