Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hello you lovely lot :-). As you know I went up north last week to see my family etc. I have to pack quite strategically otherwise I end up taking a mamma of a suitcase looking like a wag getting off the train with ten bags and a porter in tow!! for a three night stay. So what I am trying to say is the next few posts I am wearing jeans galore shocka horror!! the same bag, boots, necklace and hat. So fall asleep now lol! I never take jeans  I hardly wear them really, I usually make more effort but it had been raining up there all that week and was boltic.  So Off the train I get mr sunshine had his hat on, so did I and my bloody jeans! so I looked like a right winter twit.

I went to Bikram yoga yesterday guess who was in front of moi???? Helen le bon carter. Blood sweat and tears and a celeb spot well worth the 90 minutes sweating like theres no tomorrow.

Have a nice day gorgeous fashionistas xxx


  1. I love this outfit!! Im not much of a jean-wearer either - they never feel right! haha
    Sam xx

  2. wwwwwooooow!!!
    you look great!!
    love the skinny jeans and this knitted jacket!!!
    love it a lot!
    cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
    sweet italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion
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  3. prettyy photos :)

  4. jeans look hotoin you hun love the outfit. Love your celeb spotting story you must be at a very posh Bikram yoga class xoxo

  5. wowza I am loving those jeans on you chicky they're lush and look how skinny you are your legs are endless!

    Love the hat too I always comment on that hat because it's adorable!

    Love Amie xxxxx

  6. Love this outfit! Not sure why you're not keen on wearing jeans when you look this good in them :) xx

  7. great outfit!

  8. I must say that this outfit is perfect. I love everything. You look great in jeans!

  9. WOOT, Wooot!! Hello, you look more like miss miller than I ever could!!
    I'm not much of a jean fan either but you have the legs for skinnies so they look fab. Love the hat too.
    Mo Jo (p.s. I love my new nickname!)

  10. Lovely necklace hun, I'm itching to know where it's from lol! Enjoy the hol!

    Amy x