Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wanna come to the zoo zoo zoo???

These pics are from my birthday on Thursday. This is my other little sister she has come to stay with us for a few months to do the London thing. She's trying to find a little job so fingers crossed.
Hope you have all had a fab weekend. Sun is shining here in London and I feel on top of the world.



  1. Lovely outfit, you're rocking the sunnies! Your sister's hair is pretty too, good luck to her finding a job :)

  2. Awww what a fab day out how exciting for your sister to be able to stay with you in London must be nice to have her around. What a gorgeous outfit you look boho stunning as always. The sun has been shining here too xoxo

  3. great outfit huni you look like Sienna Miller, so chic and boho, I love it, how cute is your sister you must be loving having her around :) xoxo

  4. That cardigan is from Primark?? Wow! Looks a lot more expensive - like something from Topshop :)

    Looks like you had a lovely day! I love zoos :)

    Thanks for the message by the way. I tried for Eurostar a few months ago - I got through to the interview process but didn't make it to the next stage :( I have to wait a year before I can try again. In good news, I had an interview today and got the job straight away! :) It's only temp until Sept. but is exciting all the same! x x