Friday, 8 April 2011

Happy birthday x

It was my birthday yesterday had a lovely lovely day. It was a beautiful day from start to finish. My day started off with presents + breakie in bed . We went to Whipslade zoo for the day it was good fun (i'll post them pics soon). My hubbie made us a picnic afternoon tea stylie. Yum yum. This was my outfit from last night we went out for a gorge dinner at a restaurant called Almeida. I have had this dress for a few years now my hubbie bought me it, I tried heels on with it but I kinda preferred the dressed up dressed down look the tan boots gave.

I was up north last week and I have left my camera charger booooooo!!! so these were taken a la I phone style.

Dress-True religion
Boots- Newlook
Jewels-H+M, Shanghai market+Primark.


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday! Sounds like you had fun! Can't wait to see Whipsnade pics - I love zoos! :) And your evening dress is GORGEOUS x x

  2. Happy Birthday Chika! You look gorgeous and sounds like you had lots of fun - totally agree that the tan boots are a nice dressed up dressed down feel :)

  3. Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous, your whole outfit goes together so well!

  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous how amazing & beautiful do you look your boyfriend has good taste in dresses this looks stunning on you and I totally agreee about it working perfectly with the tan boots. Sounds like you had a fab day and they are pretty good pics for an iphone.

  5. happy birthday beautiful, you look completely stunning! Thankyou so much for my blogger award I will be mentioning you soon xoxo

  6. happy birthday!
    LOVE ur bag!!

    I got an email from furla they are launching their new candy bag range on Tuesday 7pm in town, they asked if i knew any other London based bloggers that might wanna come ... shall i send them ur email address?