Monday, 29 November 2010

Heidi hair

This is my work hair do, my yoga hair do and my greasy hair day need my roots done asap do.  I get called Heidi a lot and asked if the plaits are my real hair. I have been wearing my hair like this for a few years now. My hair has to be tied up for work and I like to wear it like this as it's a bit different than the usual air hostess hair do.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The hats come out!

OMG how cold is it brrrrrr! (errr where's your coat I hear you say) I am feeling the cold even more as I have just got back from work St Lucia for 3 nights. Had a fab time but missed my hubster and lily the cat lots. One more trip.. off to Boston this week then off till 5th Jan yipee !!!!  Lack of coat as my camera battery died and we were on our way out. I wore my new Topshop coat I got the other week I love it.

Pleather trousers-H&M
Silky top-F21
Tassle bag-Topshop(old)
Faux fur tail-Ebay

Saturday, 27 November 2010

With Rings on her fingers ...

I have got to admit it I have a problem....I am an addict!!! 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bikram baby x

I have been going to Bikram yoga, I am getting totally addicted. Went to my first class in new york, it was intense I felt horrible and dizzy but got through the whole class of 90 minutes and in the end LOVED it.  Joined in london for a month been doing classes 3 times a week and I love it so much.  I have never had that dizzy feeling again it was just the first time as I wasn't used to the heat. Every time I go I see improvements, I feel full of energy and positivity. I defo recommend it if any one has a studio near them and can handle the heat and hard work.

Is it christmas yet? no but it feels like it!

OOOOOOOOoooooo awaiting these delights from Topshop.

I get so excited waiting for the Postman to bring my treats.  When I am expecting something I constantly nose out the window and every red van I see my heart flutters with hope and longing that today is the day. I know I am sad but very easily pleased.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Forever friends... Part dos x

Time to rest our tired, shopped out, fish eaten feet with a treat - a much deserved Raspberry Bellini .
Home from westfields we go.
Then to end our day.. Vanilla for a yum yum 3 course dinner.

Roll me home forever friend.

Forever friends... Part uno x

My bestest friend aka my wifey came to visit me on monday.  Here's what we got up to. It's not an outfit post as such! but we had such a fun time I wanted to post it.

We went for a fish pedicure hilarious check it out.

It was £10 pounds for 15mins which i thought was a bargain for the experience. It felt bizarre... very ticklish you could feel the fish nibbling at your skin but it doesn't hurt at all. Highly recommended. Our feet felt amazing afterwards, like we had had a foot massage they feel soooo soft now.

We had a browse around camden market, I gotta say minus the tourists (sorry tourists only joking) I adore it.  There is so much to look at and more importantly to buy. It's a bit disappointing that the majority of the stalls don't let you take photos. I found the most amazing jewellery stall. I need to purchase, next time defo! I was in an indecisive mood so I couldn't decide, as I wanted all of it..(typical moi)..

Delicious and very nutritious ha ha... yum yum!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Sunday was a charm x

Arghhh roots alert.. can't wait to get the wig bashed!

My tan leather pandora bracelet.
I love this dress from H&M I have it in 2 colours. I have had them both for ages got this mushroomie colour in the sale £5 whole pounds whoop whoop. I love jewelery soooo much the more the merrier! My pandora bracelet, bless it! was looking so lame for months and months with only 1 little charm all alone. My prince charming hubbie bought me this little cat from westfields on sunday. So cute. I want every charm I get to be related to special things in my life.

                                                 Suitcase- my job as an airhostess.
                                                 Cat-my little lily the cat.