Monday, 15 November 2010

Sunday was a charm x

Arghhh roots alert.. can't wait to get the wig bashed!

My tan leather pandora bracelet.
I love this dress from H&M I have it in 2 colours. I have had them both for ages got this mushroomie colour in the sale £5 whole pounds whoop whoop. I love jewelery soooo much the more the merrier! My pandora bracelet, bless it! was looking so lame for months and months with only 1 little charm all alone. My prince charming hubbie bought me this little cat from westfields on sunday. So cute. I want every charm I get to be related to special things in my life.

                                                 Suitcase- my job as an airhostess.
                                                 Cat-my little lily the cat.


  1. ooooo LOVE the way you style that dress with the boots!

    love the swan ring too!

    dont talk to me about roots!! ... mine are nearing 1 inch but i gotta wait to get them done at the end of the month cos i am a bridesmaid for my bezzy in Oz and want a "fresh" do!! ..... bring on the winter sunshine and the surf dude eye candy! ... Ill need some BIG shades so hubby doesn't see me staring!!

  2. Thanks hun.

    Your so funny. That will be fab and you will love the hunks in oz been to sydney a few times defo get the big shades on lol pervitus!!!!! It's so expenisve in london to get the wig done. I go to Aveda and ouch my bank card cries out in pain every time I pay....

    I am sure the ring was from primark can't remember now xoxo

  3. I go back up to Liverpool to get my wig done by my sis for free! Although i do spend all my money in the shops up there! shopping in Liverpool is awesome!

    did u get the ring recently?


  4. Lucky you.... I love liverpool went there for my hen do, good fun.

    I got the ring a few months ago. Thinking now, maybe it was from f21 in america i can't remember i will keep an eye out for you.