Saturday, 17 March 2012

Prints charming


Well hello one and all!! Huge apologises for ones disappearing act, don't worry I am alive.  You won't be seeing my mug shot on any milk cartons phew. Excuses for my total lack of posting mmmmm probs about one hundred squillion of them or shall I sum it up in one word???? LAZY........ How rude. Firstly I wasn't well I had some vile thing called Labrynthitis exactly..... get googling. Its a viral infection in the inner ear makes you feel proper shit, dizzy sick and drunk without the fun. I had it on and off for a month (mega sad face). Excuse numero dos I have spent a lot of time up north going back for family parties, hen dos etc etc.. there has probably been a few newbie items to show you too but I have been excuse numero tres a tad lazy I think. I have totally missed you all, I can't wait to look at all your blogs and comment on how wonderful and stylish you have all been while I have been a terrible blogger.

With been out of the whole outfit post thing I struggled with having my pics taken again hence I hate these pictures but if I don't post today I will stay away forever so here we are.

I bought these trousers from Primark the other week they were £10 amazing I bought a polka dot pair too  rude not to at those prices. I have been a naughty shopping crazy bunny this month and last. Got some major boot love going on, got the fabulous black Studded Nighthawk boots from Office the other week I heart them to the max and refuse to take them off my feet even to go to sleep. I see my lovely cyber friend wee Mo from Ciao Manhattan has them in tan I want them too. You will see mine in tomorrows post.

If your still awake after reading my post yawn ZZzzzzzzzzz I hope you are all well and I will come over and visit you soon.

Thanks for all your lovely comments big Mwahs xxx


  1. Hope you're feeling lots better! looking beat xx

  2. welcome back, hope you're feeling better! love those trousers!


  3. I've really missed your posts! Love your styling! Hope you feel better.

    Sophie x

  4. Hello!!! Oh how I have missed you and your gorgeous wee face! You look stunning here toots, no need to hate these pictures!! I love these trousers can't believe they are primark!!
    I am so so jealous you have the black boots, I really wanted them but they had sold out so I had to go for the tan! Swapsies?? Thanks for the mention too chick!
    I can't believe you have been at those boot camps! I've seen all you crazies at them! No Hun ive just left highbury in highgate now, up beside Kate Moss!! Haha!!
    Oh and yeah I've seen the White studded Zara leather it is amazing!! As a treat me and my flatmate are off to Zara this afternoon to try on one of everything!!!
    Glad you are feeling better and back! Can't wait to see everything you have been buying! Massive hugs! Xxx

  5. it's nice to see you back! I adore your trousers! x

  6. I have been missing your pretty face muchly so I am glad to see you back sweetness! My friend also had that Labyrynthitis thing she was so sick bless her she said the same it's like being permo drunko without the good bits!
    Those trousers are totes amaze I love them, can't beat a bit of Primarni!!
    thankyou so much for all the lovely comments you left me you are a dream! xxxxxxx