Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wander and ponder

Went to Borough Market last Saturday love having a wander and a ponder round. So many delights to see and lots of free food freebies to try as you walk around. It was blooming freezing but good to get wrapped up all cosy. Remember the gloves you had as a kid the ones that look like dolls gloves but stretch like stretch armstrong and would fit a giant's hands? if you don't know what I am blabbing about ignore me. I call them magic gloves, I bought some in Primark the other week as I was cold, two pairs for a pound bargain. Can't believe how warm they are, I have lovely sheepskin mittens, leather gloves with fur inside, well none of them compare. Sorry I babble about the silliest things.

Just back from Japan will post soon. Have a fab weekend lovelies xoxo


  1. Never been to Borough Market before - but after reading your post, definitely want to check it out! And did I really just read "beef curtains"?? Haha! x x

  2. It looks great! You look lovely and warm - love your coat.
    Claudia xxx

  3. I love your fringed bag, and these pics are great.

    Finding it so hard to dress for this arctic weather!

    Elle x

  4. I love borough market, my problem is want to eat everything! I too remember the days of magic gloves! x

  5. You look super snug! Can't wait to hear about Japan!!!!

    Emma xx

  6. That market looks AMAZING!
    Another gorgeous coat and I'm loving the hat too <3
    Japan? I'll look forward to hearing more about that xo

  7. cute photos... you have greattt style!

  8. hey chicky you look glorious as always and I am loving your furry hat and coat! I bought a coat with furry arms the other day I must admit I think of you when I put it on, it's a little like a monkey too haha :D

    loads of love Amie xxxxxxxx

  9. Wow . love your blog. Such beautiful photos you share. New follower here. :)