Monday, 2 May 2011

Candy stripe

I am quite partial to a stripe or two and I must say I rather like the colour combo in this dress. I know the boots don't necessarily go too well, but I like the over all look. Plus it was a bit chilly to get the dogs out (thats what I call my feet) cos they are a bit funny looking but I love them all the same. My wig is in desperado need of a cut and a few highlights so don't be offended by the rootage. I have all my work exams starting next Monday, four days worth arghhhhhh so I have been busy studying. But Once I pass fingers crossed I can treat my hair to the love and tlc it needs.
Ps I have still got two legs even though it doesn't look like it in the last pic.

Dress-Good old Primark
Bag-Seen many times before, sorry
Jewellery-Tiffanys, Primark, China and H&m.


  1. Love this dress as well, I'm a bit of a colour-phobe but I love the blue in this. Ha really does look like you've lost a leg! x

  2. I am glad you still have both legs was a bit worried when I saw the last pic lol.

    You always find the best things in Primark this dress is gorgeous and I agree the colours are stunning on you xoxo

  3. i love that dress! I have it in the other colours!! it is my nxt post!! LOL we LOVE a bit of primark! x

  4. This is such a cool look I love it, you look fab hun. I hope you pass your exams and can I just say your wedding and engagement rings are stunning!

    Lots of love Amie xxx