Monday, 11 October 2010

Pleather and Ponchos x

Had been stalking all the H&M stores for these black pleather trousers. Was so pleased last week when a lovely shop assistant found the last pair in the fitting rooms, i actually told her i loved her!!!  bet she thought what a total wierdo! Was over joyed apart from the fact i had to go a size up arghhhhhhh.  Zumba class is a must tomorrow lol.  My furry friend was a birthday present from my bestest about 5 years ago, just goes to show you should keep hold of thing they always come back in fashion.  It was hilarious the last time i used this bag, i was sitting outside having a pears cider at a nearby pub, people watching. This teenager and her mum came over and said can we stroke your cat it was hilarious. x

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