Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Summer days 2012

I was such a bad blogger last year, no doubt I will be exactly the same this year. Shame really as it was a pretty good holiday year . Lots of photos were taken but for some reason (Im LAZY) I didn't blog at all last Summer.

Anyway I came across the Pictures from my mini break to New york with my monkey. We went for our wedding anniversary back in August. I thought I would put them on to cheer me up, its cold and grey and I want to go away. Plus its too cold for outfit posts so my photographer says!

As you can see we ate our way across New York, little piggies we were.
I am so lucky I have been to NY a few times,  I have done most of the touristy bits so it was nice to just wander around and check out different areas. We stayed at The Standard in the East village.

Hope this post doesn't bore you too much bit of a photo overload.

Mwah mwah xxxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


This is what I wore on Sunday just gone, it was bloody freezing pardon my French! Had a little stroll with my Monkey ( husband ) to Bryon burger.  We have been really healthy since New year so it was a little treat. Burgers were yummy hopefully sans horse meat.

I have been addicted to Bow ties and bows galore for the past few months. I love hair bows and have been trying to wear my hair different each day. Heres a few pics from my hair inspiration file.

Pictures sourced from google sorry not sure of individual blogs/sites.

Friday, 28 September 2012

London fashion weekend outfit

Hey all hope your all well. Here is a pic of my friend and I at London fashion weekend.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pool time

Bit of pool side attire for you, wish I could be back by the pool now what is this weather all about ALLERGIC!!!!
Haven't taken any proper outfit pics in months but been on two hols to Vegas last month so will most likely bore you with some holiday pics x